• Big news to share

    We have some big news to share …

    We hope that you are enjoying this beautiful Spring weather and are gearing up for a fun-filled summer.

    With the turn of the season, we have some news to share. For a number of years now Gwen and I have been thinking about moving to Spain. We’ve finally decided to take the plunge and are moving there this year. After a lot of research, we found that it is too difficult to keep Hola Deodorant going by ourselves with the complicated regulations around manufacturing skin care in the EU.

    We made the hard decision to sell the business to one of our distributors, Soca.


    About Soca …

    Soca distributes natural health and skin care products throughout the Middle East and around the world. They source their products from North American brands like Mad Hippie, Mountain Rose Herbs, and Traditional Medicinals teas. They have had a lot of success selling our deodorant to their customers in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. We are confident that they will not only maintain our formulas that customers love so much but also distribute them to a greater audience overseas.


    So, what’s next?

    Our online store will continue to be open as usual with us shipping from Vancouver until May 24th. We invite you to stock up. Use coupon SPRING20 for 20% off all online orders. After that, Soca will communicate any changes to the online store via a newsletter.

    We truly appreciate your support over the years with Fable Naturals and Hola Deodorant. We are excited to see Hola Deodorant grow and reach a larger audience.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • EWG Skin Deep Rating for Hola Deodorant

    Many people depend on the EWG Skin Deep website to find out how their cosmetics products rate in terms of safety. It’s always been our go-to site when we are purchasing products with a long list of ingredients – like shampoos or conditioners.


    EWG Skin Deep Rating


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  • Hola Deodorant Stockist: Much & Little

    We’re excited to announce our first Hola Deodorant stockist, Much & Little in Vancouver. If you’ve ever wandered up Main Street, you might have come across this shop full of carefully curated goods. Much & Little carries a selection of home goods and clothing, many that are are sourced from independent designers, both local and international.

    Hola Deodorant Stockist

    photo credit: Much & Little

  • Deodorant vs antiperspirant, what’s the difference?

    Deodorant vs antiperspirant, are they really that different? If you grew up purchasing your underarm products from the drugstore, you probably haven’t given it much thought. When we give them a closer look, they are actually two very different products. So why would you choose a deodorant over an antiperspirant, and a natural one at that?

    Deodorant vs antiperspirant

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  • 4 simple ingredients to add to your green beauty routine

    Some of our favourite green beauty ingredients are also the the simplest ones. We love that more and more people are embracing green beauty and finding natural alternatives to chemical filled products. So we’ve put together a list of our best multitasking ingredients that are easy to incorporate into your beauty routine.


    green beauty

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  • Introducing Hola Deodorant

    We are so excited to launch Hola Deodorant.

    hola deodorant

    Both Chris and I have super sensitive skin so it’s been a long road of testing to create a product that works for us and our test groups. Most natural deodorants contain a high percentage of baking soda, which can create major skin irritations. So we came up with something gentle, nourishing, but extremely effective at keeping odours away.

    I tested many versions of the formula out on my sweaty summer runs. Friends took the deodorant to hot and humid destinations to see if it would really last in the heat…and it did!

    We had been selling these natural deodorants with our previous company, Fable Naturals. Our customers kept telling us how they had tried everything and were ready to give up on finding a healthy deodorant. Their experiences were either that the deodorant wasn’t working to keep odours away, or it was irritating their skin so much that they had to stop using it.

    When we told people that our deodorant really works, even on sensitive skin, they trusted us enough to give it a try. The feedback we received was fantastic. We were so happy to be able to solve a problem for people and provide them with a high quality of product that worked.

    We decided to move on from Fable after five years and focus on the deodorants…and so Hola was born.



  • Simple guide to essential oils

    There is a lot of information out there about essential oils, but it can become overwhelming if you’re just learning the basics. If you’ve been using natural skin care for awhile you probably know all of this. But if you’re just starting to make greener choices, keep on reading for our simple essential oil guide.


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